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HearthStone is a senior living provider of active assisted living and memory care communities in the Orlando, Florida area. Centered on holistic wellness, our communities offer a variety of exciting, engaging programs designed to help all our community members live each day to the fullest.

If a family member or friend living with a memory impairment is in your care, we know that their joy, wellness, and safety are paramount priorities for you. HearthStone was created precisely to provide this multifaceted support. And like a family member, their legacy will be remembered, their individuality will be cherished, and their life will be filled with purpose and energy at our community.

At HearthStone, we not only immerse ourselves in each resident’s individuality, but we also work closely with their family and friends. It’s only by having a total picture that we can offer the best care. If you’re wondering whether memory care at HearthStone is right for your family member or friend living with dementia or Alzheimer’s, learn more below.

Valeo Communities

Valeo LogoValeo (va-LAY-oh)
Derived from the Latin word meaning “to thrive,” Valeo™ includes memory-care specific programs created for residents with memory impairments like Alzheimer’s, as well as a holistic wellness philosophy. Every Valeo program is personalized for individual residents, taking into account their unique abilities and preferences. The wellness philosophy connects with residents and support them in improving their wellbeing through four pillar focus areas:

  • Physical: use exercise, healthy and nourishing food, and active pursuits to improve physical wellness
  • Social: support existing relationships and foster new ones with both people in the community
  • Intellectual: engage the brain with creative programs that activate the mind, helping residents recapture memories and preserve cognition
  • Spiritual: connect with one’s personal beliefs and honor their traditions

The goal of the Valeo philosophy is to provide daily stimulation and afford every resident personalized opportunities for one-on-one engagement. We help people build relationships and pursue their interests in an empowering environment.

Personalized Support and Custom Programs at HearthStone Memory Care Communities

Your family member’s past history and future path are unique to them. At HearthStone, we celebrate individual differences and histories by personalizing all our memory care programming. We begin with a wellness review of each resident’s abilities and a conversation about their passions. Then we create a unique approach to care that creates moments that are meaningful to them each day.

Our Valeo Signature Programs are rooted in individualized plans. Each program is personalized for every resident in our memory care neighborhoods at HearthStone, building on a foundation of whole-person well-being and health supported by scientific research.

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What is memory care?

Individuals living with Alzheimer’s or dementia have different care and support needs. Memory care meets these needs by providing a structured and safe community for residents. Alongside receiving meals and assistance with personal care and daily tasks, residents also benefit from specialized support designed with their needs in mind.

How do I know when it’s time for memory care?

While some people can continue their daily activities at home with the help of a family member or caregiver during the early stages of dementia, there may come a point when they will benefit from additional care. If you are wondering if it’s time to get more support for your family member living with dementia, the Alzheimer’s Association recommends asking the following questions to help guide you in deciding if a move to memory care may be beneficial:

  • Is it becoming unsafe in their current living situation?
  • Is the health of either your family member or their caregivers at risk?
  • Are their care needs within the physical abilities of their caregivers?
  • Are you or other caregivers feeling stressed, irritable, or impatient?
  • Is caring them interfering with other responsibilities, such as work or family
  • Would they benefit from more structure and social engagement?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, transitioning to a memory care community may improve their quality of life.

What Memory Care Programs does HearthStone offer?

With a convenient all-inclusive monthly fee, HearthStone residents have access to many services and amenities, including delectable dining; housekeeping with laundry and linen service; help with daily living activities, around-the-clock health monitoring; personalized wellness programs; social, educational, and spiritual programming and events; and 24-hour security.

Our highly trained team supports every resident’s unique interests, history, and needs. We develop a personalized approach designed to honor your family member or friend’s legacy and passion while simultaneously cultivating an environment of health and happiness. We acknowledge that the physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual elements of life are all equally important, and that’s why we target each of our programs to these four elements.

How do I choose a memory care community?

Each memory care community is unique. Asking the right questions and doing research ahead of time can help you find the community that best meets your needs. Some things to consider as you engage in your decision-making process are:

  • Is the community sensitive to the needs of individuals with memory impairments? Does the layout of the community help orient and support the experience of the residents?
  • Are the team members cordial, and do the residents appear happy and engaged? Is there a calendar of programming?
  • Are there safe and enclosed outdoor areas for walking or spending time outside?
  • What dementia-specific training do the team members have?
  • Is there on-site medical support?
  • Is continuing care available should more complex medical care be required?
  • Are you able to tour the community, either virtually or in-person?

Memory Care in the Orlando, Florida area

A Community of Support

Our Orlando, Florida area memory care community is a family. The team that works at HearthStone are here because they want to connect with people and support them in living full and thriving lives. We are committed to every aspect of each resident’s wellbeing.


Every member of our HearthStone community – from wellness team members to those that work in our operations or dining areas — are trained to support residents with memory impairments. The daily needs of residents are our utmost priority, as is their wellbeing and happiness.


At HearthStone, every person on the team is part of the support system. Team members go above and beyond to meet the needs of our residents and provide them with an exceptional living experience. This comes from our dedication not only to the residents’ care, but also their personal histories and individuality. Team members are encouraged to engage in conversations, learn about hobbies and interests and share experiences with residents. We also empower each and every person to take time for themselves when they desire. Some days are for community and connection, and some days are for quiet reflection and relaxation. At HearthStone, we honor each day.

Family and Friends

Families and friends are one of the cornerstones of joy and success for those living with a memory impairment. At HearthStone, our memory care community is open to family and friends who want to visit, connect with residents, and share memories. We’ll work with you to create comfortable spaces for engaging with your family member or friend and help you preserve their legacy.

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